After School Art Program

  • Each day starts with a 10 minute warm up drawing of the students choice using just pencil and paper. The students can choose to follow along with the daily How-To video on display, choose a how-to-draw book from my library, or they can choose to bring in a reference (object, photo, book) as long as it's appropriate for all ages.

  • The students will then pick a station that they can work with for the remainder of the time.

  • The student can create a long term goal where we work together to create a plan to sketch, plan, practice and then execute with their chosen medium.

  • Students may also choose to experiment and play with a station for a single day. Students will be required to choose different stations on consecutive days.

  • Some stations are multiple day stations, while others are single day projets.

  • Students will be responsible for cleaning up and replenishing the stations from my supplies, for the next day. Students who do not fulfil this requirement may be asked not to return.


Each Station will have a pencil, eraser and sketch paper along with a specialty medium and any special tools that may be necessary. These are all meant to be returned except for the finished products.

Art Pencils and Drawing paper

Colored Markers and Bristol Paper

Colored Pencils and Choice of paper

Oragami instruction book and decorative paper

Small white modeling clay

Acrylic Paints, Brushes and paper

Oil Pastels and Bristol Paper

Chalk and Charcoal with toned paper (black, grey, tan)

Watercolor palette and papers

assemblage/collage Construction paper/glue