Dungeons & Dragons Day


December 30th, starting at noon

Sign ups are posted in the store. You can

also email me @ jamie@kelloggswork.com if you would like to reserve a space. Spots

are limitied, so please only sign up if you are certain you will make it.

Low Key Comics wants to bring the local RPG community together and experience the cultural phenomenon that is Dungeons and Dragons. We well be running a new game every two hours. You can sign up by yourself as a noob, or you can sign up for a game with experienced players . I am looking for experienced players that would be willing to DM for the less experienced players (like myself)

The schedule will be as follows.

12pm - 2 pm. Beginners Session for Kids.

This session is going to be run by kids, for kids. Ages 12 to 16 are invited to sign up for this event. I am going to start with 8 slots available, Spots will be given in order of sign up.

2pm - 4 pm. Beginners Session for 16 and up

This session is for beginners ages 16 and up who want to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons, but never had the opportunity.

Looking for experienced players who would be willing to DM for this group , using my supplies.

4pm - 6pm. Intermediate Session.

This section is for people who have played, but need a refresher or have been out of practice.

I am Looking for experienced players who would be willing to DM for this group, using my supplies. Please contact me if you are willing to help.

6pm - 8pm. Advanced Session.

This is a chance for expert players to find others that love to play, but might not have a steady group of people to play with. I am looking for someone who would be willing to bring their own adventure that may be a little more advanced than my beginner set. Contact me if you are willing to be a DM for this session.