Comics and Manga

Cartoons, Comics & Manga! Learn how to create your own characters Wednesdays in April and 1 in May, from 5pm - 6 pm $100 for all 5 classes

This class explores the art of cartooning and the variety of styles and techniques that professional illustrators use when creating their own characters. The students will have access to a variety of drawing tools, references and guidance to accomplish this goal. This is a 5 week class and each week is broken down as follows.

Week 1: April 6th . Character creation - We will focus on creative facial expressions and dynamic characters.

Week 2: April 13th . Hands and feet - This week will focus in on hands and feet.

Week 3: April 20th Clothing and accessories- This week we will do a drawing from life of a large sheet. This practice will familiarize the artists with the way textiles fold and how to depict the shadows and form of clothing.

Week 4: April 27th . Dynamic posing This week we will experiment with more dynamic body posing.

Week 5: May 4th. Finalization- This session will put everything we've learned to the test. We will try and create an original character using the techniques we've worked on.

This class is best suited for students ages 12 & up.