Welcome To Low Key Comics! 

My name is Jamie Kellogg and I'm an artist, teacher, comic book lover and a general nerd. My store,  Low Key Comics has changed a bit recently. I'm no longer open regularly, but I am open every Thursday and other days by appointment. I still have around 5000 comics available to browse. 

I'm currently located in Almond NY, where I run weekly Dungeons and Dragons Sessions, as well as run frequent online comics auctions. I have a few customers that order comics directly from me, and I'm always willing to accommodate more locals interested in comics. You can email me @jamie@kelloggswork.com with any questions. 

I am excited to announce that I will be offering art class every Thursday from 1pm-2:30pm. Classes will be held at 302. State Route 21., Hornell, NY.  Technically it’s a Hornell address, but the building is right across from the stop light in Almond.  Each class will accommodate ages 7-14 and will be self-contained each week. Classes will mostly be $15 each and will last for an hour and a half. Signing up ahead of time is appreciated, but not necessary. There is a limited number of seats available, so signing up and paying ahead of time will guarantee your spot. This is a tentative schedule, subject to change. These projects may be messy, so it is recommended that students not wear clothes that they would be upset about getting messy. 

July 6th - Cardboard Tube Lightsabers! We will start with rolled corrugated cardboard to create the basic shape and length of the saber. The students will use hot glue, scissors (exacto knife if able), paint and more cardboard to add fun details to your tube, to make your own unique lightsaber. 

July 13 -Underwater Watercolors. - We will be making an underwater ocean scene using crayons/pastels as a base and then creating a watercolor resist for the background. 

July 20 -  Porcelain clay (air dry) Bubble heads. We will create a small body/big head style figure using the homemade clay. We will have a limited amount of colors to use as a base, and once they are dry the kids can paint or color them further at home. 

July 27 - Tie Dye Shirt week -This one will be $20 each, as the supplies are a bit more expensive.  The students will be asked to bring in their own white/light colored shirts, and then they will get a chance to make their very own Tie Dye shirt. 

August 3 - Ugly masks - Students will begin with a durable cardboard mask that covers just the eyes, and then they will be able to rip, cut and attach random pieces to make a strange looking mask. The idea is that this ISN’T supposed to look like a mask they’ve seen, but a brand new and completely improvised thing. It’s a lot of fun, and takes the pressure off the artist. 

August 10 -Splatter paint - The students will paint a large stiff paper with an abstract and colorful design. They will then poor dishsoap over their design and spray-paint the whole thing black. Once the paint dries, the students will spray the paintings with a hose to wash off the soap and reveal the beautiful colors below. 

August 17 -Rock Painting-  I will collect a series of rocks right out of the river and students can use their shapes to inspire a design. They will be able to paint as many rocks as time permits, within a reasonable limit.  

August 24 - Rock your socks Puppets - The kids will be able to use a variety of materials, glue, buttons, tape, paper, cardboard and whatever random stuff I can collect, to create an amazing sock puppet. 


Thur. 10 am -5 pm

by appointment 

Low Key Comics

88 Main Street. Almond, NY 14804 

email  jamie@kelloggswork.com